Do you have a free afternoon and you want to pamper yourself for a few hours tête à tête with the one you love? Are you far from home for business and want to relax before the next meeting? Do you need a break in the Spa with sauna, Turkish bath and spa bath?

The Lungobenessere wellness center

You are at the center of our attention.

Soft lights, perfumed candles and soft towels that slide over the skin. These are the ingredients of Hotel Lungomare’s wellness center where time stands still and you can cut out a piece all for yourself.


Here you are at the center of our attention. You can walk into the Finnish sauna, give yourself a relaxing massage, be tempted by the selection of treatments or simply soak in the relaxation pool.


The wellness center is open every day from 9.00am to 7.00pm.

While it is open as a private spa from 7.30pm to 8.30am for two hours of your choice.

Wellness Center Services

Finnish Sauna: is a dry heat bath of about 90°C that favors the mobilization of excess liquids, helps to relax contracted muscles and facilitates the sleep/awake balance and favors a general feeling of wellness.


Hammam: is a steam cloud of 45°C with humidity of 98%. While the small drops of water lie on your skin making it softer and silkier the steam eases muscular tension, relaxes the mind and restores your psycho-physical wellness.


The relaxation pool ”bubbles bubbles”: Imagine immersing yourself in a 34°C Jacuzzi that is enriched with Cervia salt and letting yourself be pampered by the spa’s bubbles while you look at the magnificent starry sky. Welcome to Hotel Lungomare’s swimming pool designed for dreaming with your eyes open.


The Halo-therapy relaxation area. Lie down on the soft chaise longue while you sip on an aromatic herbal tea or savor seasonal fruit. In the relaxation area with the Cervia salt wall you can give yourself a regenerating break as the benefits of the sea are enhanced. The wellness center also has a small outdoor area for relaxing while you enjoy the embrace of the sun’s rays between treatments.


The Solarium

Extend the summer tan or prepare the skin for next season’s sun with a solarium shower, You only need a few minutes of exposure for bronzed skin that will be the envy of your friends.


A day of wellness is enough to get you back in the world!

You are always on the go! How about slowing down and indulging in some sweet extravagance?


For a couple of hours, an afternoon or a whole day Hotel Lungomare’s Spa is a precious space of wellness in Cesenatico and is open every day from 9.30am to 7.00pm from March to November, even if you are not staying in the hotel.


Inside the wellness center with indoor and outdoor relaxation areas you will find the sauna, Turkish bath, indoor/outdoor spa bath, as well as an area dedicated to massages and treatments.


Organize a surprise for your loved one or why not call together all your friends: here you will be at the center of our attention.


Information and prices


  • Mondays to Sundays: €24 per person


The prices refer to the first two hours of the stay and you can extend your relaxation at a cost of €14 for each additional half hour (with a small additional cost).


Access to the Spa is by booking only, in order to avoid crowding and to ensure total relaxation.


Do you want to leave your partner speechless? Or do you want to celebrate an important event (birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party)?

Our wellness center can be fully pre-booked for an entire evening for your exclusive use (times by agreement). You can have the sweet ambiance of our wellness center at your disposal for a dream evening.

The Gym

Training is pleasant while you watch the sea.

Do you like to move and keeping in shape? Keep doing so on vacation as well.


Climb up to the last floor of the hotel and access the wonderful seafront gym;

shall we bet that your training will have an extra bounce?


This is not a makeshift environment as in the majority of hotels; rather it is a real equipped gym with weights room, a free body area and the newest Technogym equipment. And if you prefer, subject to request in advance, you will be able to train with our personal trainer who is trained and prepared to help you reach your targets.


On the other hand training is a serious thing!


Abandon yourself to the pleasant feeling of a massage by expert hands. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the perfume of the precious oils and natural essences. Lighten your body and free your mind.


How? Here are some ideas.


NEW: THERMOTHERAPY AND PRESSURE THERMOTHERAPY to defatigue after training or dissolve adiposity.




Anti-stress relaxation massage, 50 minutes / 30 minutes

This massage relieves stress and muscular tension, unblocks joints and gives a pleasant state of relaxation and flexibility.


Face massage, 30 minutes


Foot massage, 30 minutes

This is a relaxing massage of the soles of the feet.


Abdomen massage, 30 minutes

This is a drainage treatment that promotes blood circulation and activates the metabolism by cleaning it of the wastes and excess liquids.


Aroma massage, 50 minute

This massage combines the relaxing effects of manual stimulation with the beneficial properties of aromatherapy’s essential oils that are famous for maintaining a person’s psychophysical balance.


Lymphatic draining, 50 minutes / 40 minutes (Vooder method)

This is a Danish technique that purifies the body with light pressure and acts on the lymphatic and venous system. It reduces edemas, swelling and lymphatic stasis, giving all the body wellbeing.


Sports massage, 50 minutes / 40 minutes

This is a vigorous massage that acts intensively on the muscles. This massage has a cooling down action after training or sport.


Foot reflexology, 50 minutes

Your body is reflected in your feet. Deep stimulation of the organs and the viscera through the reflex points of the feet.


Oriental massage, 50 minutes

Stretching techniques combined with pressure improve joint elasticity and mobility. It also benefits the circulation.


Expecting mother massage, 40 minutes

This is recommended after the third month of pregnancy to maintain proper skin hydration and elasticity. It improves the circulation of the legs by relieving the swelling and heaviness.


Child “loving contact” massage from 2 to 12 years, 25 minutes


Bach flower massage, 50 minutes

This is an original form of energetic, deep massage. This massage is carried out with very delicate oil to which some mixes of Bach flowers are added and acts on relaxation and the emotional component of pain and muscular rigidity.


Anti cellulite toning, 50 minute total body 40 minutes

The toning gives lightness to heavy legs, oxygenates the fibers, improves blood and lymphatic circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins which cause edemas and orange peel skin.


Back, neck and cervical massage, 30 minutes

This massage favors a stimulating and vasodilator effect that is recommended for relieving pain and muscular contractions. It makes the skin more elastic and makes muscles and fibers more toned. Also recommended for sportsmen and women.


Jamululur Massage, 50 minutes

Jamulur means body renewal in Indonesian. This technique was used for its purifying properties on the connective tissues and the lymphatic system. Today this is a deep ritual for beauty and wellbeing. It is ideal for reducing body and mental tension, detoxifying and reducing water retention. Its deep action has a relaxing effect on the body’s rigid muscles.


Gold Elixir Massage, 50 minutes 

This is an exfoliating treatment with sweet Cervia salt and massage oil containing 24 karat gold powder for soft, silky and bright skin..




Body treatment, vanilla based nutrient: duration about 50 minutes

This is a pleasant treatment that uses vanilla based salts, orange and .vitamin oils with Tiarè flowers for all types of skin and especially for sensitive skin that reddens easily after long exposure to the sun or for preparing the skin for exposure to the sun.


Lavender body drainage treatment: duration about 50 minutes

This is an effective and unique scrub based on therapeutic thalassic-based ocean salts with trace elements, iron, zinc, magnesium, lavender and ocean cedar. This treatment has an effective scrub action against dead cells with an immediate draining and revitalizing effect.


Prenatal ritual: duration about 50 minutes

This is a sweet massage for pregnant and lactating women in which special Tiarè flower vitamin oil is used and the massage is completed by delicate vanilla and orange mud therapy that relaxes the mind, improves the interchanges in the body and harmonizes the body and mind.


Anti-fatigue Crio body treatment: duration about 40 minutes

This is an excellent refreshing, vasoconstrictor treatment for legs and feet. It is recommended for local retention. It gives immediate benefits to the lower and upper joints and the back. It is recommended that this treatment be applied to specific areas for treating edematous cellulite. It is ideal for sportsmen and women.




Flash beautè: duration about 40 minutes

This is a facial peeling treatment for all types of skin. It energizes and gives intense hydration combined with a massage and mask.


Classic facial cleansing: duration about 60 minutes

This treatment cleanses and tones the face with the help of vaporization, squeezing and soothing mask.


Impure skin treatment: duration about 50 minutes

This treatment diminishes the shiny effect and reduces impurities by rebalancing the production of sebum. It is useful for fat and impure skin.


Sensitive skin treatment: duration about 50 minutes

This treatment decongests delicate and reddened skin that shows signs of couperose and capillary fragility.


Moisturizing treatment: duration about 50 minutes

This treatment feeds and moisturizes the skin, especially skin that is dried and stressed by polluted or air conditioned environments.


Anti aging treatment: duration about 50 minutes

This treatment diminishes expression lines and wrinkles by stretching the skin. The specific massage relaxes the face, neck and shoulders.


Facial ritual 90 minutes

By choice, this foot bath ritual and warm face pack can be added to any facial treatment



Full leg and groin / Full leg / Half leg / Groin

Armpits / Full arm / Half arm

Back / Chest

Eyebrows / Mustache





Normal and semi permanent application of nail polish

French manicure

Pedicure / Manicure (scrub, wrap and massage)

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