‘’In zir par la Rumagna’’ (the journey through Romagna): Terra del Sole

Built to guard the border with the Pontifical State, it retains the charm of the city-fortress

Do you know this popular saying? “April sweet journey”, in april one tends to travel more 🛩 (we changed it a little! 😉)

For the column #inzirparlarumagna, get in the car 🚗 with Beatrice to discover a hidden place in the Romagna hinterland, behind the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines and in front of the last foothills of the Po Valley that extends to the sea, where is Terra del Sole.

Terra del Sole is an example of the new urban model that was imposed in Italy in the 1500s, due to the influence of the theorizations and experiences of military engineers. Conceived as a “city-fortress”, and not as a simple fortress, it was built to guard the border with the Pontifical State.

It is surrounded for 2 kilometers by a city wall 13 meters high, surmounted by two castles: that of the Captain of the Artillery in defense of the Florentine village, and of the Governor in defense of the Roman village.

On the central Piazza d'Armi (also called Piazza Maggiore), there are the two most important city buildings: the Church of Santa Reparata and, in front, the Palazzo Pretorio, also called “Palazzo dei Commissari”.


Not to be missed: the Praetorian Palace, also called Commissars' Palace 

From 1579 to 1772 the Palace was home to the captains’ and commissioners’ offices, at the head of the province of Romagna Fiorentina and the Civil and Criminal District Court.

It is a harmonious and impressive quadrangular building, a classic example of Renaissance architecture, built in local stone. The facade and the lodges are decorated with several coats of arms, carved or painted during the succession of the numerous Commissioners. On the ground floor, with entrance from the external loggia, there are the Chancellor’s room and the courtroom.

Of remarkable elegance are the interior triple portico cloister, with a double order loggia, Doric and Ionic, and the central well, from which you can admire a unique perspective frame.

A very original element is the spiral staircase built of sandstone, which develops vertically, in a double helical on a single central pin and leads to the dungeons.

The Palace is also home to the Museum of Man and the Environment, which is structured in 25 rooms in a path in the millennial history of the settlements in the valley of the river Montone, from prehistory to the present day, with particular attention to the area of Terra del Sole and Castrocaro Terme.


ℹ How to get to Terra del Sole

About 50 minutes by car from the hotel “Lungomare” and you are in the heart of Terra del Sole. Take the Adriatic motorway A14 in direction Bologna. Exit the motorway at Forlì and take Ravegnana street / SS67 towards Terra del Sole.

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