A recipe with a Romagna flavor: tagliatelle

Waiting to hug you, we share the authentic Romagna with you

You know, here at the Lungomare, we are always sunny and optimistic... and in this very delicate period we want to continue to be!

Today, Francesca wants to share with you a recipe with a Romagna flavor, tagliatelle.

Here is the list of ingredients to prepare the noodles for 4 people:

-3 eggs
- 300 gr flour.

Mix the flour with the eggs and make an elastic ball.

Do you know the secret of good tagliatelle? Sauce. And here in the Pasolini family, that's how we do it:
- olive oil
- onion, carrot and celery finely chopped
- salt
- pepper
- tomato juice
- tomato concentrate
- red wine
- 1 sausage
- 200 gr.minced meat

In a large dutch oven over medium-high heat, heat oil. Add onion, carrot, and celery, and cook until soft. Add the meat and let it slowly brown. Add wine, and bring mixture to a simmer. Cook until wine is mostly reduced. Add salt and pepper. Add 3 spoons of tomato concentrate and 150 gr. Of tomato juice. Add hot water and let it boil slowly for about one hour and a half.

Enjoy your meal!

25/3 - 31/12