‘’In zir par la Rumagna’’ (the journey through Romagna): the lake of Ridracoli

Imagine yourself immersed in the connection of small medieval villages and the charm of the ‘’Casentinesi Forests’’.

It has an area of 1,035 square kilometers and a depth that can reach 82 meters. At the highest level, it can hold more than 33 billion liters of water!

No, today I don't give the numbers, but some hints about where Natascia will lead you.

Yes, because despite the winter cold, also this month I want to take you to the discovery of a hidden corner of Romagna.

Are you curious?

Get in the car with Natascia. The trip, starting from the hotel ‘’Lungomare’’, will last an hour and a half and will take you to the Lake of Ridracoli among the ‘’Casentinesi Forests’’.

You are on the banks of the basin of Ridracoli, in an ancient area for human attendance, characterized by a network of small medieval villages, rich in charm and history such as Santa Sofia, bagno di Romagna, Premilcuore, Portico and San Benedetto in Alpe.

The lake of Ridracoli is young, it is only a few tens of years old. The water of the lake has the peculiarity of being stratified. That is? It means that water is made in layers. Each layer has different temperatures, colder as the depth increases.

On this site there is a dam built to provide drinking water to the municipalities of Romagna. This territory, in fact, needed, because of its economic, tourist and social progress, more water resources.

At Lake of Ridracoli you can spend a day breathing serenity and enjoying a wonderful and unusual panorama. You can go hiking following one of the routes or go mountain biking or e-biking (and why not to rent a Grevil in our hotel, one of the novelties 2021!), have an outdoor picnic, or you can go on an excursion by electric boat.


When nature meets culture

Near the lake, about a km before the ticket office of the dam, you will find the Hydro Ecomuseum of the waters of Ridracoli.

The museum consists of a central headquarters on 4 floors and thematic poles that are instead located in the area of the dam itself: technological, naturalistic and landscape.

You can move around the hydro station on your own, exploring the secrets of water and forest with touch screens, augmented reality, models, experiments and interactive games with which you can make several discoveries!

The Ecomuseum is free of architectural barriers and is accessible to all tourists.

Shall we already book the ticket?

20/1 - 31/12