‘’In zir par la Rumagna’’ (the journey through Romagna): Cesenatico


Tell me the truth, how many years have you been going back to Cesenatico? What is your favorite part of the city?
Whether you are organizing, for the first time a holiday, or you are a frequent visitor of the ‘’riviera romagnola’’, today Giulia wants to take you for a walk in Cesenatico.


Walking around Cesenatico

Starting from the hotel ‘’Lungomare’’, heading north, not far from the beach is the 'Levante Park', a green space where you can combine leisure and relaxation with nature. In the park there are trails for cycling or walking, routes with equipments for exercise, spaces for picnics, two lakes with ducks, geese and turtles.

Proceeding a few steps further north you meet 'Piazza Andrea Costa, where the skyscraper and the ferris wheel rise, from which to admire Cesenatico from its 31 meters high. Also in Piazza Costa, you can admire the historic Grand Hotel.

From ‘’Piazza Costa’’, walking for about a kilometer, you reach the Canal Port designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. The canal port follows the lines imagined by Leonardo Da Vinci, who was called in 1502 to suggest  improvements to the pre-existing port.

To the left of the canal port is the 'Piazzetta delle Conserve', which owes its name to the constructions dug into the ground, precisely the preserves, where the fish, arranged in layers alternating with snow and pressed ice could be stored for a long time, well before the invention of refrigerators. The preserves are truncated-conical wells, on average 6 meters deep and with a mouth of about 8 meters in diameter, enclosed in low buildings with robust perimeter walls.
Of the 20 existing conservatories in Cesenatico four have been restored.

To the right of the canal port you will find the House of Moretti and the Marittime Museum.

In the House Museum of the writer Marino Moretti (born in Cesenatico in 1885 and died in 1979) are preserved, in addition to the original furniture of the era, books, documents and autographs, donated to the municipality by the poet and his sister Ines.

The Maritime Museum is unique in Italy, as one section is located on the land, and the other is located on the water. At the exhibition, in the floating part, there are 11 boats complete with sails that in summer are hoisted daily.

The last place Julia will show you is the Pantani Museum. We are especially attached to the "pirate" (so Pantani was called by friends and fans), not only because we are friends of the Pantani family,
but also because he was one of us: a simple and generous, cheerful and passionate cyclist!

The Pantani Museum is located in the 300-square-meter former cargo warehouse at Cesenatico train station.

The memory of the champion and his epic exploits are traced through the exhibition of photos, memorabilia, trophies, bicycles and images of Pantani.


New 2021: Naviskate park


In November, the new Naviskate centre was inaugurated in the Parco di Levante, dedicated to the disciplines of skateboarding, roller skates and BMX.


The structure, the only one of its kind in Romagna, is located in Viale dei Mille, and consists of a partially underground 375-square metre bowl area and another completely above ground area dedicated to the street discipline.


1/12 - 31/12
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