Bye Bye 2020, a revolutionary year


It would be great talking about this year such as something already gone, however we learned that 2020 is still here changing our lives, but our memories of the unique and great holidays spent at Lungomare are even now there in our minds



We lived with the many uncertainties of 2020, opening not in March, as we usually do, but at the end of May, as soon as we were allowed. We were the first in Cesenatico and we were so happy and full of enthusiasm that in November we are still here with our guests. And, we are sorry to have to close...


spring/winter fashion

Stylish and fashionable more than ever, wearing the mask signed Lungomare Bike Hotel, we smiled with our eyes and winked at the desire of those who came to visit us, to relax by the pool or among the bubbles of the whirlpool of our Lungobenessere, to live an active holiday in the open air by bike. Even the weather was on our side with so much sun and so much heat!



If you know Hotel Lungomare, you know that in the dining room, at meals, you can serve yourself at the buffet choosing the dishes you prefer but, we also do the table service - at no extra charge. In May, we opened in accordance with the directives of the various ministerial decrees, experimenting only with table service starting from breakfast. Six different types of menus to choose from, from intercontinental to sports.

We then restored your beloved buffet, but shielded with polycarbonate plexiglass. Behind the panel the 'tireless' of the dining room - in turn - ready to serve your dish. At first it was hard, but by dint of trying we found the ideal service formula and we did it! With great satisfaction 😁


the lungomare family grows

2020 has really surprised us, on the positive side! Here at the Lungomare we welcomed Alessandro, the son of our Chef Davide. Our hotel did, for the umpteenth time by Cupid, dad and mom Andrea, met right here at work.



For all of us at the Lungomare & David Hotels to see you arrive, for the first time or for years, is always an emotion and from your eyes we understand that even for you, living a holiday in Cesenatico in our company is exciting.

In fact, just this year TripAdvisor has recognized us the Travellers' Choice 2020 award as one of the favourite hotels in the world for those who go on vacation!

. . . and for this we thank you, and also those who, like you, have decided to tell the vacation at Lungomare.  We say THANKS, one by one.

Reading about your satisfaction and seeing the five dots makes us happy because with our commitment and friendliness (two of the most appreciated features during a stay with us) we have contributed to make your vacation in our Hotel safe and serene. You have filled our hearts with joy and have helped to fuel the passion for our work.


see you in 2021 

This 2020 has been, and still is, very odd. Since the opening, at the end of May, we have listened to the birdsong from the beach, breathed the smell of the sea and encouraged the first baths in the heated pools, under the watchful eyes of lifeguards Paolo and Vincenzo. We delighted ourselves during the summer with fresh dishes, linked to tradition, but with an eye to innovation, prepared by our chef Davide. . . and spite to the swimsuit season we couldn't resist the desserts baked every day by Diodato, our pastry chef.

In the last few days, the stuffiness has given way to the warmth of autumn and we have been lulled by the intoxicating scents of the grape harvest. Riding on a Pinarello (do you remember that we are exclusive renters for Emilia Romagna?), accompanied by our guide Andrea, we went to rediscover the authentic corners of our region.

We were excited spectators at the start and finish of the Giro d'Italia, which this year stopped in Cesenatico following the route of the Nove Colli granfondo.

We started with a smile and we can only end in this way: a greeting from the Pasolini family and all the staff of the Lungomare & David hotels!


PS: How much will we miss in the next few months the sea breeze in the morning, the sun that makes your skin glow (and sometimes it burns), the laughter of children playing, the ticking of cyclists' shoes on the floor. . . but March 2021 is closer than it seems!

Now we get some rest, but soon there will be good news for next season! And you'll be one of us, won't you? 

1/11 - 31/3