Off-road riding between the coastal pinewoods of Pinarella and Cervia to the Bevano’s river mouth


Are you ready to ride to the BEVANo’S RIVER mouth and the oasis that surrounds it?

Ride your MTB, e-bike or gravel and follow Cristina, in the itinerary she has designed for you, thinking about the sea.

From the hotel ''Lungomare'' you will reach the monument (a life-size bronze sculpture) dedicated to Marco Pantani 🚴, who was born in Cesenatico.

From here, we have two mandatory pit stops. The first in the "Piazzetta delle Conserve", which owes its name to the constructions dug into the ground - precisely the preserves - where the fish, arranged in layers alternating with snow and pressed ice could be stored for a long time, well before the invention of refrigerators. The preserves are truncated-conical wells, on average 6 meters deep and with a mouth of about 8 meters in diameter, enclosed in low buildings with robust perimeter walls. Of the 20 that once existed in Cesenatico, four have been recovered. The second at the "Leonardesco" canal port. Are you wondering why Leonardesco? On September 6, 1502 Cesare Borgia commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to verify the civil and military infrastructure of the new duchy of Romagna. On that visit Leonardo made two drawings of the port - a bird's-eye view and an oriented plan - both present in the "Codex L", one of his notebooks, kept in Paris at the library of the Institut of France.

Leaving Cesenatico behind, Cristina (she rides her bike very fast! 😉) will lead you to the Pinarella Pine Forest, which with its 24 hectares is a precious green area, perfect to shelter from the heat of the summer season.

A few kilometers riding your bike and you'll get to Cervia with its lighthouse, (built in 1875, which, while retaining its overall appearance, has undergone many changes over time) and canal port, born to ensure the transport of salt. On one side of the canal port stands the Muse-Museum of salt, which tells the story of an entire city through the grains of salt.

Do you need a little rest in the shade? This is guaranteed by the Pinewood of Milano Marittima, where you can often meet goats, fallow deer, rabbits and other small mammals.

Get back on your bike and follow Cristina to the fishing huts on stilts, placed totally above the body of water. At the Savio’s river mouth, the largest river in Romagna, fishing huts dot the river banks.

Each with his/her own net, with their unmistakable silhouette represent the icons of the aquatic landscape.


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