Let's play together: beach marbles

Travel back in time to the '80s, when we were kids

It will be the spring temperature of April...

It twill be the desire for warm sand under your feet and the scent of the sea that pervades your nostrils and envelop you…

In the end, despite the age, we all still feel like we are children...

But in these days there is a memory that assails us linked to our childhood!

It was the early ' 80s, and we were all there at the beach when a child's quarrel was solved by a BEACH MARBLES competition.

Are you wondering what was that competition?

The game was simple: a path was created on the sand, but the way it was drawn was unusual. We chose the lightest child and the strongest of us dragged him by the legs.

The groove that formed was the track. The track was built with high banks, climbs, jumps, holes and sharp turns.

Only at the end the teams were formed (we could also play alone), and we threw the marbles, trying to keep them on the track, or the game is over!

What is ‘’cicotto’’? Simply, the push given to the marble with your finger, joining the thumb and middle.

Whoever came first, usually in the third lap, wins.


Do you know what was the real peculiarity?

The marbles. They were made of plastic divided in half: the lower hemisphere was colored (and there were so many options!), while the other upper part was made of transparent plastic and gave a glimpse of a figure printed on a paper placed on the base of the hemisphere. They usually depicted famous cyclists (Moser was the most popular!).


Beach marbles are no longer a mass game like a few decades ago, but it is coming back. Often along the coast of Cesenatico you can see small groups of people who are going to play.


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