If you are reading this page you are lucky, very lucky. Do you know why?

Because by booking your vacation directly from this site:
1. You can access special bargains that you do NOT find in the usual portals such as Booking.com or Expedia,
2. You have the guarantee of booking at the lowest possible price.
3. We reserve the best cancellation policy for you.

Clearly we will reserve the same conditions for you if you call +39 0547 680666

Why are we doing this?

Because we like to have some extra information on our guests before their arrival, just as we once did when internet and the portals did not exist


It is not that we like poking around in your business, eh. It is simply that we would like to know some details of your needs and what you like most so we can best prepare for your arrival.


You will see we know how to amaze you!