Make your child happy, bring him to the beach

From 15 September to 3 November

Dear friend,

the summer is getting closer and closer and with it, in addition to the sun, holidays and relaxation, there are also all the health benefits that this season brings.

And if a good period of sea and relaxation can be good for adults who work hard (in the office or at home), there is another category of people that more than any other, draws incredible benefits.

We are talking about CHILDREN!

In fact, our little puppies derive maximum benefit from a time at beach.

The sun is good for the skin and stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is essential for proper bone development. And then we have the role of the sea air because it is rich in iodine, magnesium, potassium and other precious mineral salts. Breathing it is equivalent to making a natural aerosol, which purifies the respiratory tract of newborns, acting preventively against the typical winter illnesses.

And it is precisely for all these reasons that we at the Hotel Lungomare have decided to GIVE parents the possibility of bringing 1 child up to 13 years of age FREE to benefit from all that a beach holiday can offer them.

The periods of this fantastic promotion are the following: from May 20th to June 21st and from September 15th to November 3rd.

This special offer is a GIFT from us to all our dearest customers, like you.
Obviously, however, unfortunately this offer is LIMITED.

In fact, we have many requests from our guests already a year for the next and, moreover, more and more requests continue to arrive for this summer season.

And remember, you don't risk anything! You can cancel your reservation without penalty up to 7 days before the check-in date. Because sometimes plans can change!

To book and bring your child or baby to the beach for FREE (or even to ask for more information) just send us a quote request by clicking the button below:

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