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Programs and bike tours

Every week at the Lungomare Hotel awaits you a full program of excursions and tours in the beautiful hinterland of Romagna.
Every day there is a different path, accompanied by our guides on the different types of physical training.
Unmissable events!!!
At 18.30 pm there is the welcome drink and briefing with our guide who will explain the whole program of the week.
Don’t miss the appointment with ROMAGNA BETWEEN ART AND TASTE ! The tour
includes a visit to the farmhouse with free tasting of typical products such as piadina
cheeses, meats and desserts. The tour also touches on some of the city landmark of
history and traditions, as Santarcangelo and Rimini, where you can see the Arch of
Augustus, Tiberius’ Bridge and the Malatesta Fortress.
It is the day of the excursion which takes you to Monteleone, a small medieval village
with a half-moon shape around an old castle where we will have a snack in the square.
The landscape is completely immersed in nature, but also offers the vision of the
remains of a glorious past.
Interesting to see, the cities of Roncofreddo, Montiano and Longiano that are touched
by this route.
A FRIDAY FOR LIONS is the special excursion reserved for our guests, suitable for
cyclists with a good workout in the legs and provides an early departure by minibus
with bike carrier to reach some of the most beautiful places in Romagna and Marche
and then continue by bicycle.
The tour changes every week, and touches on some of the most beautiful areas such
as Carpegna and the Monte Cippo, but also Urbino, the city of the painter Raphael and
the Ridracoli dam and the spectacle of nature and the surrounding landscape.

Groups and routes

At the Hotel Lungomare will find 5 different groups that respond to different levels
of training. Everyone can choose the group that best represents him and thus
avoid unpleasant waits during your excursions. Free excursions and trips with expert cycling guides, excluding reservations made via online portals (e.g. Booking, Expedia etc.) and some travel agencies and tour operators.

Ideal for those who are not overly athletic and travel at a speed of around 18-20 km/h. If you like biking simply for immersing yourself in a meadow and smelling the flowers, for discovering and admiring ancient monuments or for stopping to enjoy an ice cream, you are in the right group. This group is also suitable for those travelling with e-bikes (which can also be rented at the hotel). 
This group is ideal for those who are not very fit and travels at an average speed
of 19/21 km/h. If you like the bike but still more to discover the gastronomic
traditions of the area, enjoy the scents and landscapes, the group Latte Macchiato
is the right for you. This group is also suitable for those traveling with E-Bike (also rentable at the hotel).
The group Acqua Gasata requires a level of average training and travels at an
average speed of about 21/23 km/h.
It is recommended for cyclists who love contact with nature and the landscape
and who want to increase their performance.

Sangiovese is the typical wine of Romagna, with the strong flavor, just like this
group. The average speed is 24/27 km/h and requires a good workout in the
legs. We recommend it to cyclists accustomed to the pedal and all those that
cannot be put off by the climbs.

Dedicated to sports or highly trained cyclists, Spritz is a group that maintains an
average speed of 27/30 km/h, and tackles difficult trails with routes that reach
to 140 km.