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At the Hotel Lungomare you will find every day 5 different tours that respond to different levels of training. Everyone can choose the group that best represents him and thus avoid unpleasant waits during your excursions. Free excursions and trips with expert cycling guides, excluding reservations made via online portals (e.g. Booking, Expedia etc.) and some travel agencies and tour operators.

Ideal for those who are not overly athletic and travel at a speed of around 18-20 km/h. If you like biking simply for immersing yourself in a meadow and smelling the flowers, for discovering and admiring ancient monuments or for stopping to enjoy an ice cream, you are in the right group. This is also suitable for those travelling with e-bikes (which can also be rented at the hotel).

This group is ideal for those who are not very fit and travels at an average speed of 19/21 km/h. If you like the bike but still more to discover the gastronomic traditions of the area, enjoy the scents and landscapes, the group Latte Macchiato is the right for you. This group is also suitable for those traveling with E-Bike (also rentable at the hotel).

The group Acqua Gasata requires a level of average training and travels at an average speed of about 21/23 km/h. It is recommended for cyclists who love contact with nature and the landscape and who want to increase their performance.

Sangiovese is the typical wine of Romagna, with the strong flavor, just like this group. The average speed is 24/27 km/h and requires a good workout in the legs. We recommend it to cyclists accustomed to the pedal and all those that cannot be put off by the climbs.

Dedicated to sports or highly trained cyclists, Spritz is a group that maintains an average speed of 27/30 km/h, and tackles difficult trails with routes that reach to 140 km.

Our Bike Guide

In the Lungomare Hotel you will find at least 5 guides, specializing in road bikes, MTB, E-Bike and Hand-Bike who will accompany you in many exciting paths, surrounded by gentle hills that overlook the sea, passing through beautiful historic villages.

When booking, reports our staff your preference between road bike, MTB, E-Bike and Hand-Bike so you better organize your stay and report all your needs with our guides.


I have always breathed bikes. I still remember my father, Giuliano, returning from his rides and tossing his wool cycling jerseys, heavy with sweat - let's not even talk about technical clothing! My first introduction was with an old, orange Vicini of my fathers, with the shifters low, near the pedals. I went in winter to visit my sister, taking tea to drink and a backpack with a change of dry clothes. My passion grew and I bought my first bike, second hand from my trusted mechanic, Neri from Cesena, with pedal cages. With my feet stuck in the pedals I felt hindered and I couldn't help falling some times. I trained with my friend Erika 2-3 times per week, and, being women, we were insulted sometimes from some "sympathetic" male chauvanists: "go ride the flats!" they told us. Now, as a guide, I feel like the mother hen with her chicks. I generally lead less trained cyclists, who I like to coddle and sometimes explain simple tricks to.This experience gives me a lot of satisfaction, especially when better trained cyclists, who could ride faster, decide to stay in my group and look for me year after year. We are a fun loving group of cyclists, who talk about the history of the area, stop to drink a cappucino, visit art exhibits together, pause for a snack, or linger over a glass of wine where we can get to know each other better - this is the strength of our group.


Cyclist and hotelier, is the leader of the group “Latte Macchiato”.
With him will touch city as Pisignano, Santarcangelo, Predappio and Bertinoro, stopping to taste typical local products, such as cheeses, meats, honey and jams.


“The greatest satisfaction? When the group tells me BRAVO! After a week, when we have shown them our most beautiful sights. And when that is accompanied by good food and good wine, so much the better!”
He’s the guide that accompanies the group “Acqua Gassata” (sparkling water). He is our cheerful guide, a passionate singer, and you will first and foremost have a lot of fun on his tours, but he never forgets safety and professionalism. Always creative, he’ll include coastal sections along with accessible climbs.


“I began by chance; I was asked to take a group of women who could ride, at most 20 kms, to the coast. The next day we found ourselves, slowly, in Bertinoro, almost 100 kms away. That evening the husbands were incredulous and the women were very proud and full of compliments.” Thus was born the myth of Romagna: he accompanies the group, Sangiovese, and like the body and structure of this wine, he likes long and demanding routes. Along the way, he likes to talk about the stories and the culture of every village always looking for a glimpse of what is characteristic and of breathtaking landscape.


Having lived near the young Pantani, he keeps those unique moments in his heart. A life full of interests, especially sports. “What is most rewarding to me is meeting people of diverse nationalities and cultures, and that enriches me, and, the opportunity to pass on my knowledge experience as a technician and trainer. The presence of increasing numbers of women has improved the quality of the group over the years; they make it more pleasant.” He is the guide of the group Spritz, sparkling and feisty, seeking new routes with new challenges and thrills every year. Do not miss his tour of Monte Cippo, Carpegna in the Appenines, with demanding climbs and grades.


He runs his cyclists with the true passion of people of Romagna, our region! Andrea stopped running when he was very young and continued to ride for passion. Thanks to the knowledge of languages and the love for the two wheels, a long time ago, a friend that was already bike-guide, invited him to go out for the first time with him with a group of cyclists. After 15 years he has not stopped! He likes meet different cultures and see the world from different perspectives. The best compliment for Andrea is when the tourist asks if next year he will find him again...a request that is the best appreciation: they have lived and enjoyed a happy week!

Offers in Cesenatico, so you spend less...

Here are the great value offers available at the Hotel Lungomare, for those looking for a holiday different from usual, for those who want to live and experience the opportunities of the Romagna, for those who look for have fun and discovery…
L'Hotel Lungomare proposes experiences, temptations and offers for a tailor-made holiday aimed at making you discover the territory and the authentic hospitality. Offers cannot be used together or in conjunction with other discounts or special offers; you decide which one you prefer!

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