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Be carried away by the pleasant sensations of a massage performed by expert hands. Let you immerge in the scent of precious natural oils and essences to lighten the body, loosen tensions and clear the mind…

Stress-relaxation massage 50 minutes / 30 minutes 
Dissolve stress, muscle tension and articular blocks, giving a pleasant state of relaxation and flexibility.

Foot Massage 30 minutes
Relaxing massage for the feet soles.

Abdominal Massage 30 minutes
Abdominal draining treatment, which promotes blood circulation and activates the metabolism of slag products and excessing fluids.

Aroma Massage 50 minutes
This massage combines the relaxing effects of manual stimulation, the beneficial properties of essential oils and aroma therapy known to maintain the psychophysical balance of body and soul.

Lymphatic drainage 50 minutes / 40 minutes (Vooder method)
This of Danish origin Technique cleanses the body with light pressure, acts on the lymphatic and the venous system. Reduces edema, swelling and lymphatic stasis and gives comfort to the whole body .

Candle massage 50 minutes 
A warm relaxation! It’s a candle made ​​from natural plant oils and butters: the butter melts and is used as a normal massage oil. This generates a warm and soft massage, melts tensions and makes you free from fatigue accumulated tensions.

Sport Massage 50 minutes /40 minutes
Strong massage with intensive effects on the muscles. It has a wonderful anti-fatigue action after your workout or sport.

Plantar reflexology 50 minutes 
The body is mirrored in our feet. Deep stimulation of the organs and viscera through the reflex points of the feet.

Oriental Massage 50 minutes 
Stretching techniques combined with pressure improves elasticity and joint mobility and improves also blood circulation.

Pregnancy massage 40 minutes
Recommended during pregnancy to maintain proper hydration and elasticity of the body. It improves circulation in the legs relieving swelling and heaviness. Recommended after the 3rd month of pregnancy. We remind to all pregnant women that they should bring a certificate with their doctor’s approval at the entrance of the Spa.

Bach Flower Remedies Massage: 50 minutes
It' a unique and deep form of energy massage. Is carried out with a delicate oil, which has been added with mixtures of Bach flower remedies, which act on relaxation and the emotional component of pain and muscle stiffness.

Toning Cellulite 50 minutes total body / 40 minutes only legs
Gives lightness to heavy legs, oxygenates tissues, improves blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins, which cause edema and orange peel skin.

Back, neck and cervical Massage 30 minutes 
This massage promotes a stimulating and vasodilator effect, it is indicated to relieve pain and muscle contractures. It makes the skin more supple and muscles and tissues more toned. Also suitable for sportsman.

Jamululur Massage: 50 minutes  
Jamululur means renewal of the body in Polynesian. This massage was used for his connective tissues and lymphatic system purifying properties. Today it is a profound ritual of beauty and wellness. Ideal for the release of body and mental tensions, to detoxify and reduce water retention. Its deep action is relaxant for the body stiffness.