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Finnish Sauna Dry heat bath at about 90° C, favors the mobilization of in access liquids and metabolic waste, helps to relax muscles tenses and eases the sleep / wake balance. This sauna promotes a feeling of general well-being.

The steam bath Originally said Hammam. Steam with a temperature of 45°C and a humidity of 98%. A steam cloud, the little water drops that rest on the skin make it soft and velvety, inhaling  the steam improves your breathing.

The relaxation pool "bubbles bubbles", with Jacuzzi IN & OUTDOOR Your mind will ask you to remove the stress and experience a feeling of total relaxation of body and mind, you can immerse yourself in the impressive indoor pool with water heated to about 34° and enriched with Cervia salt. Then close your eyes, soaking up, enjoy the magnificent view of the starry sky. The chromotherapy and hydromassage facilitate recovery and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. Your legs become lighter, while the massage exerted by the water combined with the salt of Cervia , facilitates the drainage of fluids, to the delight of the female audience.

The relaxation areas with Haloterapy: a breath of health! From the greek Halos / Als = salt. From immemorial time civilization knows the health benefits of salt. The Halotherapy is an entirely natural in fact on the seaside when you breathe "taste of the sea" and you feel the sea salt on your skin, you are doing Halotherapy. In our relaxation area thanks to the wall of Cervia salt we can recreate the beneficial effects of the time spent by the sea and amplify them, creating an "ad hoc" healthy marine microclimate . A unique feature for Halotherapy is  that the treatment is carried out in the absence of water, in fact the salt particles are micronized and mixed to the air with incredible lightness and breathability. These conditions allow you to combat stress effectively, to detoxify the body from accumulated tensions, restore mental and physical balance, increase the energy and vitality of body and mind. It cleanses the respiratory tract, strengthens the immune defenses and regenerates the skin, carrying out an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-fungal effect. In the relax area guests can also relax on one of the chaise-longue sipping a fragrant herbal tea or enjoying a seasonal fruit to replenish fluids . Indulge and give yourself  a beneficial gentle break.

"Not for everyone" From 20 to 24 you will find an exclusively reserved environment, not accessible to other guests and you’ll be able to say "not for everyone". Well-being in a pure state, where you can experience an intensely intimate atmosphere. There will be just you with the person you love or with your ​​friends and old friends. If there are two or four people for only € 160 you can enjoy this "not for everyone" experience. But if someone wants to join , the extra fee is just 25€ per person.

"The sun on your skin" Prepare your skin for the first sun or longer your tanning safely with our sunshower. Tanned is beautiful! For only € 8 you can get thirteen minutes of our sun. If you have not brought with you your bronzer, no problem, you can find a wide choice of quality solar products, directly at the Lungobenessere Spa at special prices for the customers of the Lungomare wellness Hotel.